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We have completed dozens of clean room constructions, consist of new build up, extension, modification and upgrades, in Taiwan and China rated from class 10 to class 100,000 in the pass years. All of the finished works won customers satisfaction. We emphasize strongly on reasonable and effective space management, quality control, schedule control and on-site safety. 

We provide design and installation of HVAC system for various industries, including Electronics factories, Medical meterial factories, Pharmeceutical factories, Food factories, surgery rooms, Laboratories, Cosmetic factories, Chemical factories, Data centers etc.

N2, CDA gas piping system, General exhaust system, VOC exhaust system, Chemical gas exhaust system, D.I. water system, Process Vacuum system, House Vacuum system, Plumbing and drainage system, Fire piping, De-smoke ducting, Insulation, System hook-up.

Process Cooling System provides low temperature water for equipment cooling. Simular process can also provide room cooling without effecting the relative humidity of the room.

The system takes the ambient air through air compressor, cooling dehumidification or chemical dehumidification, activated carbon filter and particulate filter to provide CDA/IA (Clean Dry Air / Instrument Air). CDA is for cleaning process  in the clean room or to activate actuator of machinery. There is also BA (Breathing Air) system for personel breathing during emergency situation.

Dry Dust Collectors, Wet dust collectors, Chemical Scrubbers, Activated carbon/aluminum adsorption devices, House vacuum dust collectors.

High/Low power system, Power Cabling, Emergency backup power system, Lighting, Instrumentation, Grounding.. etc.

We provide equipment, system design, installation of indoor/ vertical planting/ artificial lighting/ hydroponics system including mechanical/electrical/HVAC/cleanroom/control instrumentation of the factory plant.


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