Clean Room
Clean room description
Clean room description

Clean room description

We have completed dozens of clean room constructions, consist of new build up, extension, modification and upgrades, in Taiwan and China rated from class 10 to class 100,000 in the pass years. All of the finished works won customers satisfaction. We emphasize strongly on reasonable and effective space management, quality control, schedule control and on-site safety.

Electronics Factories, Medical Materials, Pharmaceutical Plants,Food Industries, Operating room in Hospitals,

Partition and ceiling construction for clean rooms

Raised floor, Epoxy Coating
Accessaries, Filters
Static grounding, Control Instrumentation

面板Module Class 10,000無塵室

9米高無塵室 Class 10,000

CMOS Module Class 1,000 無塵室

無塵擦拭布清洗烘乾 Class 10 無塵室

晶圓測試 Class 1,000 無塵室

 SMT Class 10,000 無塵室

感應耦合電漿質譜分析儀Class 1,000 無塵室

化學無塵操作台 Class 100