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Nederman Dust Collector
Nederman Dust Collector

Nederman Dust Collector

The FilterMax System
Filter Max is a modular filter system designed to deal with
all types of fume and dust from mechanical working or handling
of a wide range of materials. New modular sections
can easily be added when the airflow requirements increase.

Filter Max C25 - for low volume applications
Compact single unit with built-in fan and control equipment. For lowvolume applications where space is limited.
Airflow capacity 1,500 - 3,000 m3/h (900 - 1800 cfm).

FilterMax DF - for basic use
Basic version with one, two or three modules.
Air flow capacity 2,200 - 13,000 m3/h (1300 - 7600 cfm).

FilterMax F - safety and circulation filter
Filters with integrated pre-separator for coarse particles, sparks, etc.
cartridges. Air flow capacity 1,500 - 10,000 m3/h (900 - 6000 cfm).

FilterMax SFC - safety and circulation filter
Used in combination with FilterMax DF or F models to increase safety against release of dangerous dust into the atmosphere. Can also function as a back-up filter in case of collapse of the primary filter unit.
Air flow capacity up to 2,000 - 4,000 m3/h (1200 - 2400 cfm).
It can also be configured as a spark trap to reduce the risk of fire in a main filter.

Nederman FilterMax DX for explosive applications
Designed for extraction of dry powder or dust with explosion risk applications or if explosion protection is demanded
accordingly to the ATEX directive.
Air flow capacity 600 - 7.200 m3/h (350 - 4200 cfm).

Many different configuration of dust collectors to be selected: